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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Library Day

Today was library day. We go on other days as well, but Tuesday is Children's Story Time. My son is 3 and we've just started going to these story times. He loves books, and he loves the library, but story time he's not so fond of. The Librarians do a great job of providing a balance of age appropriate songs, movement, and stories, but my little guy is more interested in playing with the trains, puppets, blocks, puzzles...

My first instinct was to insist that he take part in the story time. But then I stopped and thought "he just turned 3, is it really that important the he take part in story time today". So I let him play with the toys and interact with the one or two other children that were not taking part in story time. The time he spent playing was no less meaningful than story time. Building with blocks, putting train track and puzzles together all require critical thinking skills, and puppets provide a great opportunity to improve language skills. Yes, story time does foster a love of literature, and it is important that children learn to take part in group activities. In time, I will insist that he take part, but for now I'm going to allow him to explore the library, make friends and move into story time at his own pace.

Have a Delightful Day!!


Mama Zen said...

My daughter was the same way at that age. She was way more interested in all of the puppets, etc. I just let her play!